What is MasterCard Foundation scholarship for 2023 2024?

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Programme grants scholarships to Kenyan adolescents who want to pursue academic talent and get a good education. Candidates who are interested in The MasterCard Foundation Scholarships 2023-24 should apply before the deadline.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme aims to create a transformative network of young people and institutions in Africa that will drive inclusive and equitable socioeconomic change. The Programme has assisted almost 40,000 African adolescents to pursue secondary or tertiary education since its launch in 2012.

We know that there is a need to remove systemic impediments in higher education, improve capacity, promote creative solutions across vital sectors, and connect ecosystem actors together to amplify our effect throughout the continent in order to empower Scholars and young people to flourish. The Programme seeks to create conditions that will allow young people to get inclusive and relevant education, transition seamlessly into dignified and meaningful jobs, and lead transformative lives through collaborating with young people, universities, NGOs, and other higher education partners.

How much CGPA is required for MasterCard Foundation fully funded scholarship?

The scholarship provider determines the eligibility conditions for each scholarship. One of the most frequent grade point average criteria is a 3.0 GPA. (Once again, each scholarship sponsor is unique, and the eligibility conditions are determined by them, not us.)

How to Apply to the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program

Candidates must meet all of the following requirements to be eligible for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship:

English is necessary, and African countries qualify.

You must be enrolled in a degree programme at UP. To complete the MCFSP application, you will need your student number, as well as your academic records and any supporting papers.
Open to young Africans who desire to pursue postgraduate studies.

Steps to Apply for Apply for Mastercard Foundation Scholarship

(1) You can apply online by clicking here.

You must have Internet access and an email address that you can access on a regular basis in order to utilise the online Application system. As soon as you submit your online application, you will receive an email with your student number (EMPLID) as confirmation of receipt.
You can also submit a paper copy of your application form to the following address:
Hatfield Pretoria 0028, South Africa, University of Pretoria Student Service Centre

(2) The application will be assessed by relevant faculty members, and you will be advised of the conclusion. The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) must verify postgraduate applicants’ certificates. Please go to www.saqa.org.za for further information.

(3) Use the Download link to obtain MCFSP application forms.

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