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Achmad Solichin Sri Widhiyanti Ika Febriantini

Achmad Solichin, He was born in a small village called Selandaka 26 years ago. Achmad Solichin was graduated in SMA Negeri 1 Sumpiuh. Achmad Solichin, Ika Febriantini, Sri Widhiyanti and I become best friend. We had done manythings together. We were getting closer because we were active in organization. Achmad Solichin actived in “Palang Merah Remaja” Sri Widhiyanti and I actived in “Pramuka” and Ika Febriantini actived in “OSIS” .

We often camped together in many events. Like camp about boy scout in Kebokura camp, Bogangin camp, Selanegara camp, Logending camp and many other camps. Achmad Solichin, male, married, 26 years old, moslem, work as staff and lecturer at Budi Luhur University, programmer, web developer, system analyst, live in Jakarta, always learn more and more Achmad Solichin Was married with our friend Chotimatul Musyarofah, She is from Nusa Mangir. They became the first and the second rank, when Ebtanas. I do know what about their child. I Hope he follows his parents and becomes a smart child. The name of Achmad Solichin child is Lintang. His age around 2 years old.

Now, Achmad Solichin becomes a lecture in Budi Luhur University. He have lived in Tangerang with his wife and child. Wishes Achmad Solichin, Sri Widhiyanti, Ika Febriantini and Okti Ragil Suharno, Chotimatul Musyarofah.

I Hope we would be a best friend forever, and help one another if one of us is getting troubles. Achmad Solichin