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Netti Lesmanawati Access Bogor Founder

Netti Lesmanawati

Netti Lesmanawati was born on December 27, 1969. Netti Lesmanawati was graduated in SMA Negeri 1 Jatiwangi 1987  and  continue her study in Universitas Padjadjaran 1988.   Now, Netti Lesmanawati is excecutive Director of Pratista Indonesia and also founder of ACCESS Bogor.

ACCESS Bogor is an english course which located in Jl. Soleh Iskandar, Sabrang Graha Dewi Sartika. ACCESS Bogor was founded by  Netti Lesmanawati dan Ambar.  Netti Lesmanawati founded the idea to found the english course in bogor when Netti Lesmanawati was in “kampung inggris”  Pare east java.

Netti Lesmanawati depict violence on children and women both like an iceberg. What is currently seen only the surface. Recent cases of child abuse rife. He appealed to parents to be sensitive to child development. “Do not let us not ngeh if the child is suddenly depressed. Intuition parents must be strengthened, “Netti Lesmanawati said.

Do not be too taboo to talk about sexual education of children. Of course with language that is easily understood and the correct theory. To do so, not easy being a parent. So that parents must also be kept up to date on new knowledge to be conveyed to his son. “Many children when going to deliver something to the parents complain, fear of being scolded mamah,” Netti Lesmanawati said.

What is the impact on children? “There are two possibilities,” Netti Lesmanawati said. The child becomes moody and low self-esteem or roughly mimic the way their parents treat them. He appeared perlaku abusive friends and against the teacher.

If it is so, then the recovery is carried out on both sides. Both the child’s mother also. “Counseling is usually used as a vent for the event to escort the mother,” he admitted Netti Lesmanawati spontaneous mother scolding her child reprimanded on the streets along the vision even though he had to bear the risk of being scolded the parents of the children. Netti Lesmanawati