Naruto Manga Naruto Episode 1 – 40 Full

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All About Naruto – The Series
Naruto is an anime and manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto centered around a loud, hyperactive, young ninja who is in a constant search for both approval and recognition, and with a great aspiration to become Hokage. First published as a manga series in Japan by Shueisha in the 43rd issue of Shonen Jump magazine in November 1999, the Naruto series has risen in popularity exponentially and has since been licensed in the USA (becoming VIZ Media’s top selling title) and nearly two dozen other countries, with the anime series currently airing in 18 countries.
Although the naruto episode anime series debuted on TV in Japan on October 3rd, 2002 nearly three years after the naruto episode manga series first appeared it has quickly caught up, as each episode can cover up to two chapters. To prevent the series from being pulled off of the air and cancelled completely with no official story to base it upon, as had been the fate (and death) of other anime such as Rurouni Kenshin, the decision was made to produce original content for the naruto anime series to allow the manga time to get far ahead and keep Naruto fresh in the minds of its many fans. Starting with episode 136 there has been over a years worth of filler episodes which tend to cover the supporting characters of Naruto who may not otherwise be seen often. New episodes of Naruto air every Wednesday night during the Golden Time slot at 7:27PM, and movies based upon the Naruto anime series have been released every Summer since 2004. Naruto manga made his first English debut on September 10th, 2005 in an hour long premiere on the US cable channel Cartoon Network during the Toonami timeslot at 9PM, followed by an hour long encore (repeat of the first two episodes shown previously) at 10PM. Currently a new episode of Naruto is shown every Saturday at 9PM with an encore presentation at 2AM, along with reruns airing at 10PM Monday – Thursday. It had been announced previous to the premiere that Naruto would hit Canada (a less editted version than the American) before airing in the USA, on the 9th of September, however, due to licensing agreements the premiere was forced back until the 16th on the Canadian YTV. In the United Kingdom a much more heavily editted version of Naruto Manga airs at 8PM on Jetix.

Naruto Episode 01 : The Tests of the Ninja.
Naruto Episode 02 : The Worst Client.
Naruto Episode 03 : Bridge of Courage.
Naruto Episode 04 : The New Opponents.
Naruto Episode 05 : Exam Hell.
Naruto Episode 06 : The Forest of Death.
Naruto Episode 07 : Orochimaru’s Curse.
Naruto Episode 08 : Life-and-Death Battles.
Naruto Episode 09 : Turning The Tables.
Naruto Episode 10 : A Splendid Ninja.
Naruto Episode 11 : Impassioned Efforts.
Naruto Episode 12 : The Great Flight.
Naruto Episode 13 : The Chunin Exam, Concluded…!!.
Naruto Episode 14 : Hokage vs. Hokage!!.
Naruto Episode 15 : Naruto’s Ninja Handbook!.
Naruto Episode 16 : Eulogy.
Naruto Episode 17 : Itachi’s Power.
Naruto Episode 18 : Tsunade’s Choice.
Naruto Episode 19 : Successor.
Naruto Episode 20 : Naruto vs. Sasuke.
Naruto Episode 21 : Pursuit.
Naruto Episode 22 : Comrades.
Naruto Episode 23 : Predicament.
Naruto Episode 24 : Unorthodox.
Naruto Episode 25 : Brothers.
Naruto Episode 26 : Awakening.
Naruto Episode 27 : Departure.
Naruto Episode 28 : Homecoming.
Naruto Episode 29 : Enemies.
Naruto Episode 30 : Chiyo and Sakura.
Naruto Episode 31 : Entrusted Thoughts!!.
Naruto Episode 32 : The Road to Sasuke!!.
Naruto Episode 33 : Secret Mission…!!Naruto Episode 33.
Naruto Episode 34 : The Time of Reunion…!!.
Naruto Episode 35 : The New Pair!!.
Naruto Episode 36 : Team 10..
Naruto Episode 37 : Shikamaru’s Battle!!.
Naruto Episode 38 : The Fruits of Training…!!.
Naruto Episode 39 : Those on the Move.
Naruto Episode 40 : The Ultimate Art!!.

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